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SCORE volunteers are experienced entrepreneurs, corporate managers, and executives across a diverse set of industries and specialties who volunteer their experience and knowledge to help small business professionals start, develop, and grow businesses. 


How can we help you succeed?

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Get confidential advice on a wide range of small business topics including:

Developing a Business Plan

Costing and Pricing Your Product

Assessment of Your Business Concept

Crafting a Winning Marketing Approach

Determine Your Legal Structure

Conducting Market Research

Preparing Funding Documentation

Networking for Valuable Business Connections

See how Westchester SCORE mentors have made a difference for other small business owners like you.  

Getting Started Is as Easy as:

Prepare for mentorship by thinking through your ambitions and making a list of challenges and goals.

We carefully match you with a mentor whose experience fits your needs. Our advisors volunteer their time and expertise to help you succeed.

In video or telephone meetings, mentors will offer insights and resources so you gain clarity on your next best steps.