Starting and running your own Westchester business is exciting and fulfilling, but it can become stressful and overwhelming at times. Small business owners can get sucked into these common pitfalls that threaten their businesses. But don’t fret, SCORE Westchester is teeming with experienced professional small business coaches who can help you avoid these traps. Below you will find the top 5 small business pitfalls and how your SCORE small business coach can help you defeat them.

5 Small Business Pitfalls to Avoid

  • Planning – You have a great business idea that’s bound to succeed… if you carefully plan your progress. All too often business owners are convinced that their novel concept is what’s most important, and everything else will fall into place. This assumption is far too optimistic; you must plan for your success! Yes, your idea is the foundation, but the walls and roof are erected by developing a solid business plan. SCORE offers workshops on writing a winning business plan to help you determine exactly what should be included in your plan. Once you’ve started writing your plan, meet with a SCORE Westchester small business coach who will go over it with a fine toothed comb, ensuring that your draft is nothing short of excellent.
  • Isolation – The old adage “if you want something done right, then do it yourself,” does not always hold water when it comes to running your own business. First, if you spread yourself too thin, you can quickly become burnt out. Also, it’s always helpful to have a regular partner who you can use as a sounding board. By brainstorming with a partner you can turn a good idea into a great one, building on each others thoughts and developing solid plans. When you work with a SCORE small business coach, he can point out opportunities that you would never have thought of or might have overlooked. Having a partner with a unique point of view will greatly strengthen your Westchester business.
  • Emotion – We understand that your business is a part of you; it’s your baby. And this passion is a driving force that keeps your business running. Still, sometimes when a business owner is too close to the company she can have blinders on. She may fail to see issues that threaten her business or opportunities that have potential to help it grow. Working with an objective SCORE small business coach will help you work out all of the kinks and take advantage of new concepts and prospects.
  • Focus – Even business owners with the best laid plans can lose focus and stray off of the path. Sometimes the big picture is so exciting that we forget that it is made up of a series of small brush strokes that must be painted before we have the finished product. Working with a SCORE Westchester small business coach can help keep you focused on the tasks that must be completed now in order for your vision to become reality.
  • Complacency -Success is exciting and often business owners feel that there’s no need to tweak a winning formula. That being said, there is always room for growth. Why sell yourself short? Visit a SCORE small business coach to find out how you can grow your small business!

Do you feel that you are being tripped up by any of these pitfalls – or do you want to avoid them in the future? Contact SCORE Westchester to set up a counseling appointment with an experienced small business coach who will help make your Westchester business a success!

The 5 Pitfalls Small Businesses Can Avoid with SCORE