If you’ve got an idea for a business you’d like to start but have been holding back because you hate sales, we’ve got good news for you. You’re not alone. The Business Journals report that most business owners would rather perform any other task associated with their business than sales. But every business needs sales — without sales, there’s no business!

How do you start a successful small business if you hate sales?  You have options:

1) Understand that there are many types of sales.  Some sales techniques are very intimidating. Cold calling potential customers is enough to make even experienced business owners break out in a sweat. But this isn’t your only option. When you’re working on a business plan with your SCORE Westchester mentor you will learn about other sales strategies, such as using your website and social media to convince people to do business with you – without having to say a word.

2) Learn and practice sales skills. One of the reasons many people hate sales is they don’t know how to sell, and they are uncomfortable doing things they don’t do well. No one is born knowing how to sell. You can learn sales skills that make talking about your business much easier and less frightening. Through role-playing, your SCORE Westchester mentor can help you gain confidence by practicing essential steps in the sales process, such as the elevator pitch – a short, 30 second description of what your business is and what makes it special. This process can help you overcome your discomfort and realize your dreams of small business success.

3) Partner with someone who loves sales. Starting a small business doesn’t mean you have to do everything yourself. For every person who hates doing sales, there’s another person out there who loves it. Talk with your SCORE Westchester mentor about the best way to include a skilled sales professional in your business. They may be a business partner, an employee, or even someone you hire on a contract basis.  Being able to delegate the responsibility for generating sales to someone else can help you concentrate on doing what you really love – running your new small business!

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Can You Have a Business if You Hate Sales?