Often times when entrepreneurs first open a small business, they discover – rather quickly – that they have many questions. There are so many aspects of running a Westchester business: how do you attract customers? What’s the best way to provide superior customer service? How do you pay for your inventory or raw materials? What’s the best way to handle employee benefits? Who’s responsible for repairs if there’s a sinkhole in the parking lot?

Here’s a secret: No one business person – no matter how experienced they are! – has the answer to all of these questions (especially because the answers can vary depending on your Westchester business’s unique situation). As small business owners, we can take a cue from the CEO’s who run the nation’s largest corporations. Every day, these individuals are faced with huge challenges. They don’t try to face them on their own. They turn to a board of advisors – trusted, knowledgeable individuals who have relevant insights and expertise they share to help navigate the challenges. It’s easier to make good decisions when you can talk out your options with others who understand what you’re going through.

Every Westchester business owner should have their own set of advisors. These should be individuals who you respect, trust, and can connect with regularly as well as people who have experience in the business world. Who should you turn to when looking for advisors? Consider adding people you know who run or have run businesses similar to yours, professionals such as lawyers or accountants, and friends who have good common sense and want to see you succeed.

Use the resources available to you, such as the experienced advisors at SCORE Westchester. When you choose to set up a counseling session with an experienced SCORE Westchester small business mentor, you will be matched, based on the information you provide about your business and the questions or concerns that you have, with one of our experienced counselors who can work with you on your specific business needs. The best part? This service is completely free of charge to Westchester business owners. Want to see what other Westchester business owners have had to say about their experience with SCORE Westchester? Read our testimonials and client success stories.

It’s a good idea to always keep your eyes and ears open for good business advice. Westchester business owners had an edge in that department. SCORE Westchester provides free, confidential expert advice from experienced business professionals to regional business owners free of charge. We can meet with you face-to-face, either at your office or ours, or via email. Get started today!

Creating Your Own Dream Team: Why Every Small Business Needs Advisors