“It was so hard for me to really accept the fact that people would pay me money for my jam,” Suzette, a Westchester County entrepreneur, said. “I never really planned on going into business. It just sort of happened. But now that I’m in business, I might as well do it right. What I’m having a real challenge with is talking to local store owners and convincing them that they should carry my product.”

Suzette’s challenge is not unique. Many Westchester business owners have discovered that developing and manufacturing a product is only part of the process. There’s also the task of selling your product, either directly to your consumers or to another business owner who will then sell it to the public.

You Can Learn How To Sell

SCORE Westchester’s team of experienced small business mentors can teach you the best way to sell your product. This free service will guide you through the process of identifying who and where your best customers are, the best way to attract those customers, and the fundamentals of effective selling, either directly to the public or to other businesses.

You can learn this critical information about how to sell your product on a one-on-one basis by meeting with a SCORE small business mentor in person, via email, or over the phone. All services are free and confidential for Westchester business owners.
Another way to learn how to sell your product is to attend the free Sales Strategies workshop being led by SCORE small business mentor Charles Auerbach on December 4th. Learn how to create a customer profile, perform market research, and reach buyers effectively. This educational session is packed with valuable information you can use to help transform your dreams of small business success into a profitable reality!

Don’t Sell Yourself Short: Sales Strategies from SCORE Westchester