One of the biggest challenges entrepreneurs face is finding money to start or expand their Westchester County small business. This is particularly tough for people who don’t have good credit, who have never established credit – the case with many young entrepreneurs – or who have gone through bankruptcy.

Many times, would-be entrepreneurs make the mistake of thinking that there’s no help available for them. The other most common mistake is assuming that there’s plenty of easy-to-find financing for small businesses. The truth lies somewhere between these two points. Funding for new Westchester county businesses is available, but it takes some work to find and access it.

That’s where SCORE Westchester comes in. Our team of experienced small business mentors is expert at helping entrepreneurs find funding for their small business. Some situations are definitely more challenging than others, but over the years, they’ve helped people who have horrible personal credit and other issues find funding for their small business. The process takes some time, but will help you create a strong, sustainable business for the years to come.

SCORE Westchester is designed to make life easier for the entrepreneur. You can meet with a SCORE counselor in person, over the phone, by email, or even on SKYPE! Counseling services are free and confidential, so you don’t have to worry: your private financial information will always remain private.

There are many ways to fund a small business, including grants, SBA loans, investment capital and more. Many people don’t realize what a wide range of options are available. Additionally, there are funding streams available to specific population groups, such as women or military veterans, that aren’t always common knowledge. Because the SCORE Westchester team works extensively in this area, we can help you save time on your search for small business funding. It’s time to turn your dreams of small business success into reality. Make an appointment with SCORE today!

Finding Funding for Your Small Business: What Is the Secret?