2018 could be a banner year for entrepreneurs, according to Forbes magazine. Rapidly changing technology and the booming gig economy are leading many people to consider starting their own company. If you’re among the ranks of first-time entrepreneurs, you’ll want to know about SCORE Westchester. This all-volunteer organization uses the experience and expertise of local business people to help area residents start and grow their businesses.

Confidential Business Advice from Experienced Mentors

Receive one-on-one coaching and support from SCORE Westchester’s mentors. There are dozens of mentors from diverse backgrounds with unique expertise: you’ll be matched with those who can best help you achieve your business goals.

All new businesses have a few things in common, including the need for a business plan, an understanding of the marketplace, and a way to fund their operation during the critical launch phase. This is SCORE Westchester’s area of expertise! SCORE mentors can meet with you in person, via email, text, or phone call, and more. All meetings are free and absolutely confidential.

To learn more about SCORE Westchester’s Mentors & schedule a session, visit

Free Local Business Workshops

SCORE Westchester provides numerous small business workshops throughout the year, covering practically every topic a new entrepreneur needs to know about. From business operations, sales and marketing, through finding investors, attracting employees, and protecting your ideas – you can learn a lot from SCORE Westchester.

This is a tremendous opportunity to save money. If you had to acquire all of this knowledge through college classes, you’d spend thousands of dollars. SCORE Westchester does it for free.

To find out about small business workshops that are now available, and to sign up to attend, visit  Be aware that some workshops take place online, which means you can take them from anywhere that you have a wifi connection!

Lots & Lots of Small Business Resources

SCORE Westchester maintains an extensive library of business tools, templates, guides, and other information that’s useful for the first time entrepreneur. SCORE Westchester is also a good place to find out about other business-building resources in the community, whether you’re interested in selling products and services to the government, applying for an SBA loan, and more.

Many first time entrepreneurs enjoy the opportunity to educate themselves about starting their own business before they meet with a mentor or take a workshop. The blogs and success stories portion of the SCORE Westchester website is full of inspiration and information – make sure to check it out.

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First Time Entrepreneur? Discover 3 Ways SCORE Westchester Can Help You