Every Westchester business owner will, in the normal course of operations, run into circumstances and situations where they need the assistance of a professional. For example, during tax season, working with a CPA is non-negotiable: you need one of these pros on your side to make sure you don’t get into trouble with the IRS and state tax departments! Other occasions, such as buying commercial property, entering a partnership, or even dealing with a disgruntled former employee, require the services of an attorney.

How do you find the right accountant or attorney for your Westchester business?

If you’re looking for an attorney or accountant that will be a good fit for your Westchester business, ask your SCORE small business mentor for questions to help you qualify the right individual or firm for your business – there’s a lot riding on the qualifications, professionalism, and expertise of the accounting and legal professionals you work with. You want to choose someone who comes highly recommended by people you respect, who has a reputation of working successfully with businesses like yours.

It is important that your accountant or attorney understand the type of business you run. When you’re considering an accountant or attorney, it is totally appropriate to ask them about their familiarity with your industry. The more experienced and versed your prospective attorney or accountant is in your field, the more prepared they will be to do a superior job on your behalf.

Before you begin your search for an attorney or accountant, it helps to be able to clearly identify and articulate what your needs are. This is an area where your SCORE small business mentor can be of great assistance. Meet with them in person to go over your situation, pinpoint precisely what type of services you need, and develop a strategy for finding the best possible professional to provide those services for you. It’s a simple process that can yield tremendous results: the reliable services of the right accountant and attorney can make a huge difference in your Westchester business’s success.

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How Do You Find The Right Accountant and Attorney For Your Westchester Business?