Great ideas take many forms. Inventors create new products, processes, and even industries. There may be a way to meet a community need that’s never been seen before. Human creativity is without limits – but when it comes to turning a great idea into a viable business, lots of people run into trouble.

That’s where SCORE Westchester comes in. Our team of experienced mentors can help you identify what you need to take your concept and use it to build and launch a strong business. In the very early stages, this process takes the form of focused discussions, where you’ll discuss:

What your idea is. Clarifying and refining your great idea is the first step in creating a business plan. This step may seem obvious, but many inventors, creators, and innovators are surprised to learn that what’s clear to them needs to be explained to the public, potential investors, and more.

What’s involved in bringing your idea to life. The journey from idea to fully realized product or service can include many steps. SCORE Westchester mentors can help you identify the necessary steps in that process, including prototyping, manufacturing, finding vendors, suppliers and labor, and more.

Who your customer is. Every product, service, and innovation has its own set of customers who will appreciate it. An important part of turning an idea into a business is understanding who these potential customers are, how many of them there are, and the likelihood that they’ll be enthusiastic enough about your offering to sustain a business.

How you’ll find & connect with your customers.  After you understand who your customers are, it’s important to know how you’ll reach them. Marketing and promoting your business can include your website, social media, networking, events, and other options – not every business will need every marketing tool, but you’ll want to know what your best choices are.

How you’ll get money to start & run your business. Many entrepreneurs start their business with their own savings, borrowing money from family and friends, and by using their credit cards. It’s helpful to have a funding plan in place that goes beyond these sources. SCORE Westchester mentors can help you discover what your options are, including SBA loans, grants, private investors and more.

Ready to take the next step? Meeting with SCORE Westchester mentors is free and confidential. If you’re looking for information on how to protect your idea while you’re developing your business plan, they can assist you with that too. Schedule an in-person meeting, or connect over phone call, email, or Skype. For more information visit our Find a Mentor page!

I Have a Great Idea but Don’t Know How To Turn It Into a Business