Like any conventional business owner, building your own business as a freelancer comes with a unique set of hurdles and challenges. Sure, you’re most likely doing what you love each day, and chances are, you also enjoy a high degree of flexibility and freedom. After all, according to this article from PR Newswire, more than 60% of freelancers like controlling their own schedule. However, you’ll still need plenty of guidance to build your self-employed business to its optimal potential. Why? Well, for starters, freelancers face higher taxes than those who are not self-employed. In addition to higher taxes, you are likely to face a lack of steady income, along with trouble finding consistent work and affordable benefits…

...That’s where we come in.

Building your freelance business can seem daunting, stressful, and at times, even impossible. SCORE Westchester is here to tell you it's completely doable! Just take it from these three successful solopreneurs who got their self-employed businesses off the ground with the help of SCORE Westchester.

FREE Workshops & Programs for Freelancers

At SCORE Westchester, we offer plenty of free workshops and programs that teach you exactly how to build a successful business as a freelancer. Learn from the insights, experiences, and even mistakes of freelancers who have gone before you in efforts to build their own successful business.

We make it easy to find the right workshop to help your business grow. Simply click here and search for a free SCORE workshop by topic, format, state or zipcode now!

FREE Mentoring Program for Freelance Business Owners

Moreover, our Find a Mentor program provides free, confidential business counseling sessions with experienced entrepreneurs and managers who know exactly what it takes to build your business into a self-employed empire.

FREE Resources for Self-Employed Solopreneurs

But that’s not all! Freelancers looking to build their business can benefit immensely from the SCORE Library—a FREE resource filled with tools, tips and insights that we’ve narrowed down for freelancers and solopreneurs here.

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