To: All SCORE Volunteers & Clients,


Looking back over the past twelve months reveals how much expertise, energy and enthusiasm has gone into growing our small business community. The partnership that exists between SCORE volunteers and those of you who are starting and growing your companies is uniquely effective at creating success.

SCORE’s mission is to foster the vibrant small business community we have here in Westchester County. Through mentoring and workshops, we provide the support, instruction and education all aspiring and new and current business owners need to grow their companies. This year, we’ve seen tremendous growth in the area of educational workshops: more than 4,700 individuals attended SCORE workshops and webinars this year. 900+ established and aspiring business owners met with SCORE Westchester mentors, receiving critical support and business advice.

I’m very pleased to let you know that this year, SCORE Westchester was awarded Platinum Chapter status for the fourth year in a row. To earn Platinum Chapter status, a chapter must outperform in over twenty categories, including operations, finance, ethics, leadership, sustainability and chapter growth. In addition to the growth we’ve enjoyed in terms of clients, we’ve also seen our volunteer base grow by 15%. Yet we are still committed to attracting more volunteers from our entire community, so a complete range of local business experience and expertise is available to everyone. In addition to mentors, we’re looking for volunteers with administrative, marketing, social media and writing skills who would like to support the small business community. If you’re interested in volunteering or know someone who would be a great SCORE volunteer, let us know.

In 2018, we’re planning to serve even more people. Our collective expertise is beneficial to people who are in the planning stages of launching a new business, as well as for people who are currently in business but want to grow. We mentor our clients in many ways, including helping clients develop sound business plans to enable them to arrange financing; helping clients become active in social media as a way to engage directly with their target customers and helping clients use cutting-edge marketing and sales techniques. If you know someone who would benefit from our assistance, please spread the word!

Thank you also for everything you do for SCORE Westchester: we are what we are only because you are who you are!

Richard Feldman
Chairman, SCORE Westchester

A Letter From SCORE Chairman Richard Feldman