To: All SCORE volunteers and clients,

Happy New Year! I’m proud to have been nominated the new Chairman of SCORE Westchester and I’m grateful for the opportunity to continue the accomplishments of the past years.

Some of you know me already, but for those of you who don’t, I’d like to share a little of my background. For fifty-plus years, I was in the women’s apparel business, overseeing all design, manufacturing, finance and sales. Initially, we did everything in the USA, but then, after 25 – 30 years of domestic manufacturing, all sourcing and manufacturing started moving to Asia and we had to “re-invent” our business. Then, after about 25 years of importing from Asia and distributing to major retailers in the USA, Canada, and Europe, I decided to retire. Upon retirement, I looked for a way to give back to the community using the skills I learned throughout my career. SCORE was a natural fit!

SCORE’s mission is to foster the vibrant small business community we have here in Westchester County. Through mentoring and workshops, we provide the support, instruction and education all aspiring and new business owners need to grow their companies. 2016 was a very successful year for SCORE Westchester; this past year our workshop program attracted over 1,600 workshop attendees and our mentors held almost 1,800 mentoring sessions with SCORE clients. This activity has had a direct positive impact on the local economy.

It’s been our privilege to work with a diverse group of committed, hardworking entrepreneurs and you can read some truly inspirational Success Stories here at ( This group is very representative of the population we serve. Lin Yue Wang and Liam Dai embody the best of start-up culture, while Roxanne Mapp has deftly demonstrated how entrepreneurship can lead to a second career. Priska Diaz invented her product at home and wound up selling it nationally, Julie Bouchet-Horwitz and her team launched a much needed local non-profit. No matter what your interests are, you can surely find an inspiring example in our 2016 Success Stories.

Looking forward, expect to see even more growth in our programs as we will continue to share with you the latest news and technologies to help you grow and succeed. We are planning to increase our communication to people who are either already in business or who are thinking about starting a business – we want the entire small business community to know that we’re here to help. With that thought in mind, referrals are one of our strongest sources of growth so please feel free to tell not only anyone you know who may be seeking business startup advice to contact us but also, those who are in business and who could profit from confidential mentoring from business experts.

Our additional goal is to attract more volunteers from our entire community, so a complete range of local business experience and expertise is available to everyone. In addition to mentors, we’re looking for volunteers with administrative, marketing, social media and writing skills who would like to support the small business community. Last year, we grew our ranks with five new volunteers. This year, we intend to grow even bigger and more diverse to continually better serve our clients!

Do accept my best wishes to you and your families for a happy and healthy New Year.

With warm regards,
Richard Feldman
Chairman, SCORE Westchester

A Letter From SCORE Westchester Chairman, Richard Feldman