The Peace Corps says it’s the toughest job you’ll ever love, but we think Mompreneurs – women who balance the demands of parenting with running a small business – may have an equally valid claim on the title. Both roles have their challenges, but they also offer tremendous rewards. In celebration of Mother’s Day, we’d like to share some Westchester business resources Mompreneurs can use to make building a strong, successful business easier.

SCORE Westchester: When You Don’t Have All The Answers

When you’re Mom, you’re expected to be able to fix everything from a skinned knee to a crashed iPad – and you do, because that’s what it takes to keep the tears from flowing! That’s part of the magic of motherhood.

Unfortunately, that magic doesn’t automatically transfer over to your Westchester business challenges. What’s the best way to raise money to start a small business? How will you find customers for your business? How do you hire help? What taxes and legal paperwork do you need to file, and when do you need to file it?

When you don’t have all the answers, turn to SCORE Westchester. Our experienced team of small business counselors is here to help you find the solutions you need to launch and grow your small business successfully. We work with you individually, focused on the specific needs of your business and industry, providing information, guidance, and encouragement.

SCORE Westchester: When You Need To Know More

Not every Mompreneur has a MBA. In fact, most don’t! Many Mompreneurs have never gone to business school. But we all know education is important. Watching our children develop and grow as they advance through school is a real time demonstration of the power of education.

The educated Mompreneur is the Mompreneur who has a significant advantage in today’s competitive business environment. SCORE Westchester offers regular free workshops absolutely cram-packed with small business information and strategies you can use to grow your small business. Learn how to create a great business plan, market your business effectively, and more.

SCORE Westchester: The Price is Right

Many Mompreneurs start their new business on the thinnest of shoestring budgets. SCORE Westchester’s services – the expert business counseling, the workshops and classes – are all free! There’s no cost to you at all. Our services are paid for by a Federal program designed to encourage American entrepreneurship.

So come on, Mom! SCORE Westchester is here to make your life easier. Click here to schedule your free, confidential consultation.

Mompreneur: The Toughest Job You’ll Ever Love