“My father was in the insurance industry, and I was always helping him,” said Liam Dai, founder of Risk Block. “When I was younger, that meant assisting him with the postcard mailings, all the labeling, things like that. I’d go with him on sales calls. Insurance became second nature to me, and I guess you can say I sort of fell into it.” In 2011, Liam went into business for himself.

“About a year and a half ago, I moved to New Rochelle,” Liam explained. “That’s when I changed the name of my company from Dai Consulting to Risk Block. It’s also when I reached out to SCORE, and asked to be partnered with a mentor.” That mentor was Glenn Shell, who has expertise in finance and strategic planning. “We meet about once a month. He has lots of experience, and helped me understand that I needed to delegate work and focus my efforts.”

My Business Was Spinning Around In Place

“Before I met with Glenn, I was wearing every hat and trying to do everything for my business myself. It was hard – there was always an emergency and I felt like I spent all my time running around putting out fires,” Liam said. “I took some of the seminars SCORE provides. That helped me really learn how to run my business and have the right mindset.”  Delegating some of his responsibilities to a virtual assistant allowed Liam to focus on sales. “Now I have more and more business coming in,” he said. “There’s a growth plan in place, and it’s working.”

SCORE Reinforces My Commitment To Helping People

“Anyone who’s considering going into business for themselves should definitely work for another agency first,” Liam recommends. “This gives you a chance to learn the ropes, make connections and meet the people who will help you be successful.”

Liam strongly recommends working with a SCORE mentor. “Having someone to talk to who’s been through things already give you access to a valuable second opinion,” he said. “And a mentor can introduce you to the right people, opening up networks of connections.”

Liam also presents educational workshops at SCORE Westchester. “This has been a great experience for me,” he said. “Not only does it help reinforce my advisor role, it’s good to share my knowledge with other business owners. They tell me how that education helps them, and that reinforces my commitment to continue educating and helping people.”

Now I Have a Growth Plan in Place – Liam Dai, Risk Block