A Letter from New Chairman, Natasha Roukos

As the new chairman of SCORE Westchester, taking the reins from the very capable hands of Glenn Shell is the ideal opportunity to introduce myself and let you know what you can expect from our organization during 2015.

I am an electrical engineer. Early in my career, I designed power line systems. Later, my consulting role expanded to include the analysis of the economic impact of new projects prior to implementation. From there, I sought out increasingly challenging roles both at small and large firms. This journey culminated with an executive position at IBM, leading the successful integration of acquired companies and starting new business areas.

Through these many roles, I learned that there are 3 essential elements for successful, sustainable growth, both personally and on the organizational level: passion, discipline, and the willingness to evolve. And those will be my guiding principles at SCORE Westchester.

Passion is integral to everything we do at SCORE. Our all-volunteer team loves putting our expertise and experience to work assisting you, whether you are an aspiring or an established entrepreneur. We’re dedicated to your success and we really care. Every new milestone you reach – whether you get a first paying customer or you sign your largest contract ever – is a cause for celebration to us.

Discipline is our commitment to quality. At SCORE Westchester, we continually analyze your feedback and the results of our efforts, using this information to fine-tune our offerings to better serve you. It is this disciplined approach that will allow us to remain the premier free business mentoring service in Westchester.

And finally, the willingness to evolve is essential in an ever-changing world. At SCORE Westchester, we continue to evolve as well. We continue to educate ourselves and bring in new volunteers with up-to-date skills and fresh ideas. In 2015, we are expanding our email counseling services. We are offering more evening workshops in Yonkers, Greenburgh, and at Monroe College in New Rochelle. Through our new focus group service, we will provide a structured forum to assess the viability of proposed expansions or new ventures.

2015 promises to be an exciting year. The economy is improving. Financial institutions are more willing to provide small business loans. There is no better time to start a business or expand in Westchester. I invite you to explore and take advantage of the many services SCORE has to offer. From individualized business coaching, in-person or via e-mail, to educational workshops and webinars, the tools you need to improve your business are here.

Looking forward to working with you in 2015!

With Warmest Regards,

Passion, Discipline, and Willingness to Evolve