All successful businesses large and small started with an idea. These ideas come to life for many of us because we are trying to solve a personal problem or we wish something existed because of a passion we have. We then realize –I bet other people have the same need, concern or wants I have. From starting a new restaurant with a twist on service and food to creating a new line of jewelry using different materials. Your new idea needs to be discussed and protected.

If you’ve been inspired this year and you are ready to move forward with starting a small business in Westchester County in the New Year, now is the best time to start discussing your idea.

Being a successful businessperson means knowing when to take a risk and when to play it safe. We have all heard the success stories about companies that started small and made it big like; Whole foods, Ben & Jerry’s and Amazon. They all started small and knew to grow successfully they had to protect their ideas. When it comes to protecting your unique idea don’t risk it – play it safe and talk to a confidential business expert.

Now you’re asking yourself – who can I trust with my idea? The law has created some protections for people who have intellectual property ideas they wish to keep secret. Professionals, such as accountants and attorneys, have an obligation to keep anything their clients tell them confidential. But, if you are just starting out and you’re not ready to hire counsel you need someone you can feel comfortable sharing your idea with – SCORE Westchester can help.

SCORE Westchester is a confidential service for small start-ups and growing businesses. Meeting with a SCORE Mentor allows you the ability to talk through your idea freely. Your SCORE Mentor will discuss options with you for protecting your idea and will counsel you on various documents you will need to protect you as you move forward. Documentation may vary based on your type of business or product and can include a range if items like; a patent application for a unique invention, non-disclosure agreements, copywriting or trademark fillings. We know it can sometimes be overwhelming; understanding what to tackle first and what to invest in as you get started.

SCORE Westchester’s experienced small business mentors have helped hundreds of Westchester County entrepreneurs just like you know what questions to ask and how to get started. Make an appointment or give them a call today to make 2014 the year you realize your dreams for business success.

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Protecting your Unique Idea: Don’t Take a Chance