Mentors Helped Create 355 New Businesses and 123 Jobs in 2014

A research study conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP indicates SCORE Westchester was instrumental in helping to create 355 new businesses in 2014. Also 73 percent of SCORE’s in-business clients showed increased revenues in 2014. This growth resulted in 123 new jobs in the area.

“The impact that SCORE has had on Westchester County has been tremendous,” said Natasha Roukos, Chair for SCORE Westchester. “To know that we have impacted the growth of small businesses in our county during the past year speaks to not only the volume of what our volunteers do for the community, but it also speaks to the quality of the mentoring and the education that they do as well.”

SCORE Westchester, a Resource Partner of the Small Business Administration, provides free and confidential advisory and mentoring services to start ups and established businesses here in Westchester County. The chapter has seven locations in the county for in-person mentoring and hosts a variety of small business workshops and online webinars for small business and entrepreneurs.
“We were a boot strap startup” said Ken Garland, CEO and cofounder of United Florist Network (UFN). “The business continued to grow and we faced a lot of challenges. That’s when we reached out to SCORE Westchester. It was an absolutely fantastic experience right from the start. They introduced us to local bankers and played a pivotal role in helping us get an SBA loan. Normally, you pay top dollar for this kind of consultation. The fact that SCORE Westchester’s services are free make them very attractive to the small business owner.”
Now UFN has hundreds of clients; it is hiring more IT professionals and expanding its office space.

Anyone contemplating the start of a new business or any small business owner seeking advice and guidance about any aspect of their business should contact SCORE Westchester by calling 914 948-3907, scheduling an appointment with a small business mentor or registering for one of our upcoming workshops online. SCORE’s services are free and confidential.

SCORE Westchester Drives Local Small Business Growth