QuickBooks is the single most popular small business accounting software program in the United States today. CNN reports that QuickBooks controls more than 90% of the marketplace, having successfully fought off Microsoft’s attempts to capture some of their business with the Small Business Accounting bookkeeping app. If you currently own or are planning to start a small business in Westchester County, the chances are very, very good that you’ll need to work with QuickBooks.

That can be a problem if your primary language is Spanish. While business owners can purchase a separate language pack that translates the QuickBooks software into Spanish, good quality Spanish instruction on how to use this powerful bookkeeping software is hard to find. Andy Bailey, CMO of Corporate Language Learning Solutions, recently told CNBC that “Language and cultural differences are proving to be major barriers to businesses succeeding.”

Overcome the Language Barrier: SCORE Westchester Equips You For Success!

Starting and running a small business is tough. Every entrepreneur encounters challenges along the way. SCORE Westchester exists to provide the encouragement, support and educational resources it takes to overcome those challenges.

That’s why we’re hosting “QuickBooks for Beginner in Spanish.” Ibanessa Hogan, from Masterpiece Accounting Services LLC, will be presenting the free small business workshop at the Port Chester-Rye Brook Library in Port Chester on Tuesday, February 18th. During this workshop, small business owners will learn how to set up Quickbooks, connect with bank accounts, enter sales information, track invoices, sales and receivables, and more. All instruction is presented in Spanish – great for the Hispanic Westchester business owner.

If this small business workshop would be of interest to you, register now. Also, please pass the word to anyone you know who may be interested! Education and encouragement are among the most important resources available to help Westchester County small business owners become successful.

Workshop Leader, Ibanessa Hogan, On the Importance of Quickbooks

“Es asombroso el largo número de dueños de negocios que todavian usan la hoja de Excel para llevar sus libros contables. La importancia de utilizar un sistema computarizado para su contabilidad tiene muchos beneficios, algunos de ellos los mencionamos debajo:

I’ve been amazed at the number of businesses that still use excel spreadsheets to handle their bookkeeping. The importance of utilizing a computerized system for bookkeeping has many benefits like the ones listed below:

  • Actividad detallada para cada cuenta por un periodo de tiempo específico, incluyendo el documento que originó la transacción, como por ejemplo, cheques, entradas de diario, facturas, etc.
  • La abilidad de encontrar una transacción especifica entre un amplio número de transacciones.
  • Estados financieros en sus manos con solo oprimir una tecla. Este beneficio es muy importante cuando es tiempo de preparer su declaración de impuestos o cuando va a aplicar por un préstamo.
  • Generación de reports automáticos.
  • Rapidez y exactitud en la información financiera.
  • Ahorra tiempo, ya que disminuye la cantidad de tiempo que tomaría producir un documento cuando las transacciones ya han sido integradas en el sistema.
      • Detailed activity for each account for a specified period of time, including source documents such as, checks, journal entries, invoices, etc.
      • Ability to find a specific transaction among a large volume of activities.
      • Financial statements on hands with just one click. This benefit is imperative when is time to prepare tax returns of for applying for a loan.
      • Automatic Document production.
      • Speed and accuracy of operations.
      • Cost saving as it reduces the time it takes to produce a document whose transaction is already integrated into the general ledger.”
SCORE Westchester Presents Spanish-Language QuickBooks Workshop in Port Chester