If you’re a Westchester business owner who wants to promote your business, but you don’t have a large marketing budget, you’ll want to have a smart PR strategy.

PR – public relations – is the art and science of encouraging the media to tell stories about you and your business. The media could be local or national; in print, on the TV and radio, or online. Every day, these media outlets need stories to tell their audiences.

Your job, as the Westchester business owner, is to let the media know that you have a story they’ll want to tell. Talk to your SCORE Westchester small business mentor: they’ll help you identify your business’ unique appeal. When you have a good story idea, you write it up in a press release and send it to the media.

If it works, the media will be in touch with you. They’ll do a story on you, putting your Westchester business in front of their audience. It’s great visibility – and it costs you nothing but time. The only problem with PR is that it doesn’t always work: there’s no guarantee that any media outlet will decide to tell your story after you send them a press release.

Small Business Success: The PR Calendar

Think of PR as a numbers game: the more high quality press releases you send out there, the better the odds become that at least one media outlet will decide to do a story about your Westchester business. If you only send out one press release a year, you only get one chance to capture the media’s attention. If it was a busy news day that day, you never stood a chance. Sending out quarterly press releases gives you 4 chances; if you commit to a monthly press release, you’re making 12 attempts.

Decide how many press releases you’re going to send out – your SCORE Westchester small business mentor can help you here! – and create a calendar identifying benchmark dates when you’re going to create and send the press releases. Adding these dates to your to-do list is essential; otherwise, in the day-to-day running of your business, it’s way too easy for PR to get delayed – and delayed – and delayed until a year or more has gone by!

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Secrets of Westchester Business Success: The PR Calendar