Have you noticed how after shopping for flights for your vacation you start seeing ads from that airline in your social media or on other websites you visit? You may even notice complimentary ads for hotels or rental cars. If you’ve gone so far as to sign up for a newsletter on their site you will start seeing emails with special coupons related to your search. That is a power of Marketing Automation. It uses software and sales tactics to deliver personalized marketing messages to customers and prospects. The concept is extremely alluring. When dealing with a powerful tool that’s proven to increase revenues significantly it’s easy to get seduced. But a business has to have some critical infrastructure in place to make marketing automation worth the financial investment required.

Is your business mature enough to be seduced by Marketing Automation?

Many business owners are excited by the potential profits marketing automation can generate, and wind up jumping the gun to use this sales tool before they’re truly ready for it. Here are four signs your business is really ready to take advantage of the sales boosting power of marketing automation:

Sign #1: Your sales team has more leads than they can handle.
Sign #2: You have a good understanding of your customer’s behavior, for example, what information they search and what sites they check before making a decision to buy.
Sign #3: You know how to nurture leads effectively & have pre-written messages specific to each stage of the sales process.
Sign #4: You can react quickly to a change in the market and create relevant messages 

Choosing the Marketing Automation System That’s Right For You

If your business has grown to the point where marketing automation makes sense for you, there are a number of vendors to choose from such as OntraportZoho, or ActiveCampaign. Comparing the features and benefits offered by each, can be a complicated process, especially as offerings and pricing can vary significantly between companies. Now is the time to work with your SCORE Westchester mentor or another adviser to make sure you are ready to tackle Marketing Automation.

The Seduction of Marketing Automation