If you’re an entrepreneur or small business owner in Westchester County, one of the most challenging seasons is almost upon you. Summer’s hot, humid days are wonderful news if you’re in the ice cream business – but the languid weather can make it hard to stay motivated. Couple that with a ‘school’s out!’ mentality that encourages slacking off and your small Westchester business can really suffer from a phenomenon known as the Summer Slump.

Expert Small Business Advice: Work/Life Balance

At Score Westchester, you’ll find a team of expert small business mentors who are well-versed in the many challenges entrepreneurs face. One of the biggest challenges out there is maintaining a healthy work/life balance. All play and no work is obviously bad news for your business, but all work and no play isn’t a good idea either. Maintain a healthy work/life balance by designating time to enjoy summer’s delights. It’s often easier to schedule short blocks of fun-time instead of entire days or weeks. Work hard all morning and give yourself the afternoon at the beach.

Smart Small Business Strategies: Feed Your Brain

Inspiration and motivation are especially important at this time of year. Connect with your networking group and business buddies and ask what they’re up to. Hearing about other people’s activity can be inspiring. Resolve to learn something new that you can use to improve your business every single week this summer. SCORE Westchester classes and workshops are a great resource! Choose your beach reading selectively: there’s no law that says you can’t learn while you tan!

Be One With Your Business Plan

A great business plan does many things for your small business. One of the most critical is laying out your goals and objectives. Throughout the year, you should be reviewing your business plan and assessing your performance to see how well you’re doing in meeting those goals and objectives. The summer is no exception! Seeing what progress you’ve made – or still have to make – to stay on task is a great motivator to work hard to grow your small business. Don’t have a business plan? SCORE Westchester can help you create one! Make an appointment today!

Small Business Challenges: Staying Motivated Throughout the Summer