Whether you’re building a new website for your Westchester business or just looking to refresh your current site, these six items are a must to ensure that you are providing all of the essentials that your site visitors crave.

6. Great Pictures: You need fantastic visuals to appeal to today’s customers. Bear in mind that many of your customers will be looking at your website on their smart phone or tablet computer, where the smaller format makes pictures much more impactful than text. You want images that are attractive, well-composed, and appealing to your customers.

5. Social Media Information: Make it easy for your customers to find and connect with your Westchester business on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube or other social media sites. Consider integrating social media content into your home page or product page designs: it’s a great way to make your site more dynamic and encourage your customers to spread the word.

4. Your Physical Address: If you have a brick and mortar Westchester business, where your customers actually come to see you, make sure your business address is listed on your website. You can’t just assume that your customers know where you are. Maps to your location are a nice touch.

3. Contact Information: Make sure your customers have a way to reach you. At least one page on your website should have your business phone number and contact email information, and a contact us button should appear on every page. Consult your SCORE small business mentor to review your contact page and ensure that your customers have easy access to all of the information they need to reach out.

2. Your Branding & Logo: Your website should look like it belongs to your Westchester business. Consistency in branding is very important. Using the same look on every platform, including your signage, print advertising, website and social media, teaches your customers to recognize you. Again, your small business mentor can provide a second pair of eyes to ensure that your branding is consistent across platforms.

1. Calls to Action: A call to action tells your customers how to take their interest in your company to the next level. For example, a call to action could tell your customer to ‘Schedule an appointment now!’ or “Add to shopping cart.” Every page of your website needs at least one call to action. Work with your small business mentor to craft the perfect calls to action to fit each page.

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Small Business Website Essentials: Do You Have The Must-Have Top 6?