If you’d like to increase your income, enjoy flexible hours, and experience being your own boss, starting a small business at home makes sense. You certainly won’t be alone! Global Workplace Analytics reported that 3.7 million self-employed people consider their home to also be their place of business.*

What are all of these people doing? There’s a lot of possible answers. Some people run ecommerce businesses, selling products online. Others provide services, on a contract basis, as consultants, or as knowledge workers doing tasks at home that once had to happen in the workplace – think jobs like medical coding or website development.

You don’t have to run your home business through a computer. Plenty of people have successful home businesses that aren’t online – think childcare, catering services, pet grooming and more.

All of these home businesses have two things in common. They all have the potential to change your life and help you realize your dream of controlling your own destiny. But to make those dreams come true, you have to make sure your home business is structured properly and set up to succeed. That’s where SCORE Westchester comes in.

Need Help Starting a Home Business? SCORE Westchester Can Help!

If you know you’d like to have your own business, but you’re not sure where to start, SCORE Westchester can help. Our team of experienced small business mentors will work with you to develop a home business idea that makes sense for your individual situation. Everyone has different talents, skills, and passions. The right home business idea will make use of all three while simultaneously appealing to enough customers to make money.

Once you have your business concept, your SCORE Westchester mentor can help you figure out what you need to make it happen. One essential task that will make small business success so much easier to attain is creating a business plan. Having a business plan helps you get your business launched successfully and can make it easier to get a bank or other funding source willing to work with you if and when that time comes.

Some Dos & Don’ts of Starting an At-home Business


  • Be afraid to seek advice.
  • Subscribe to the idea that you must do it alone.
  • Make important business decisions without consulting appropriate sources for advice.


  • Be flexible, resourceful & resilient.
  • Create strategic alliances.
  • Consult appropriate resources with industry knowledge before making important business decisions.

So, where can you go for valuable, applicable and knowledgeable business advice? SCORE Westchester of course! SCORE Westchester’s mentoring program gives you access to free and confidential business counseling. Get your at-home business off the ground as safe and sound as can be with the advice and counsel of knowledgeable professionals. Our mentors are dedicated to bringing your dreams and visions for your business to life. Book your face-to-face appointment with a SCORE mentor today!

Free & Confidential Help for Westchester County Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

SCORE Westchester’s mission is to help Westchester County residents start and grow successful small businesses. You can meet with a SCORE Westchester mentor in person, over the phone, via email or text message, or on Skype. SCORE Westchester also provides free small business education classes and workshops.

All of SCORE Westchester’s services are free and confidential. If you’re looking for someone to support, encourage and guide you through the process of starting a home business, you’ll find them at SCORE Westchester.


Starting a Small Business at Home to Earn Extra Income is Easier When You Have Help