Marketing is the art and science of attracting customer attention. To do this, you need the Two C’s: Creativity and Change. In Westchester County’s hyper-saturated media environment, our customers are continually bombarded with commercial messaging. They’re used to a dynamic environment, where nothing stays the same for long. If the marketing look and feel of your Westchester business remain constant for too long, you’re running a real risk of becoming invisible.

All businesses need to update their marketing periodically. The best way to do this is with a comprehensive approach that addresses the messaging you do on all platforms: the signage in your business; print, radio, and television advertising; and digital marketing efforts including your website and social media.
Change for change’s sake is good, but change with a clearly identifiable purpose for your Westchester business is much better. Identify your one and five year goals, and craft your new marketing strategy for your Westchester business in a way that will help you achieve those goals. (Not sure how to do this? Talk to your SCORE small business mentor – they’re a great resource!)

Three Signs It’s Time For A Marketing Makeover

1. Business is down and you don’t know why.

A slump in sales is a sign that you’re not communicating with your customers as effectively as you could be. Look at your marketing with an objective eye. Do you talk about your business, or do you talk about what your business can do for the customer? Shifting your messaging to focus on the customers’ wants and needs is a smart start to getting them interested in visiting your business.

2. Nothing matches!

Does your signage look like your print advertising? And does your print advertising resemble what you’re presenting on your website and on social media? Consistency matters! If you’ve built your Westchester business over time, adding marketing components over the course of time, there’s a good chance that everything is not aligned properly. A marketing makeover will clean that up and get everything working for you – not against you!

3. Your competition looks great – and you don’t.

Do you ever look at your competitor’s website and marvel at how it makes them seem bigger and better than they actually are? That’s the function of good marketing. Image is everything, and customers make purchasing decisions based on appearances.

If your current marketing doesn’t make you look like the best option in your industry, at least locally, it’s time for a makeover! Learn more about marketing your Westchester business by setting up an appointment with an experienced small business mentor.

Three Signs It’s Time For a Marketing Makeover