By Charles Auerbach, SCORE volunteer

Smart business owners are always on the lookout for ways to reach their target audiences without a major marketing investment. One approach is to identify other (non-competitive) organizations that are already in contact with an audience that's similar to yours and work out a mutually beneficial collaboration. 

There are two main reasons to partner with others:

  • You'll get easier and quicker access to new audiences
  • When another company promotes your brand, you instantly earn the trust of its existing prospects and customers and leverage its clout in the marketplace

Collaboration can take three forms:

  • Distribution
    • Work with a business that has an established audience and extensive customer list, and capitalize on those contacts to distribute your product to its existing customers
  • Promotion
    • Work with a partner to drive potential customers to your website, webinar, or mailing list 
  • Social Good
    • Work with a charitable organization sponsoring an event with large public participation
    • Engage with the participants by taking a table or other display at the event
    • Offer a special discount to encourage participants to try your product or service
    • Gain goodwill by being identified with the charitable cause

The more you show your partner you are watching out for his/her interests, the stronger your relationship will become. Before you move forward with a partnership, be sure you've considered the following:

  • Will the relationship advance your long-term business goals?
  • Is your partner aware of -- and comfortable with -- the level of growth you want to achieve?
  • Does your partner understand how your goals can fit with his/her own? 

Partnerships take work to develop and build, but when managed well, they can turbocharge your marketing in ways you never imagined.

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Charles Auerbach has 38 years experience in management consulting for small businesses, emphasizing sales and marketing.

Three Ways to Turbocharge Your Business by Partnering with Others