It?s true that your business is your baby. That small idea you dreamt about and knew would one day be something more. You know your business inside-out. So, how could anyone possibly tell?you?how to run?your?business better???But think again. All too often businesses tick along like clockwork ? the years pass and things are comfortable. Then suddenly, certain unexpected factors can shake things up. Technological advances creating new competition, new ways of doing things (How many SMEs were on Twitter 10 years ago?), changes in the spending habits of your target demographic, or a change in the management structure ? all of these and more can influence the growth of your business and the strategic decisions you make. But what do you base these decisions on? Your experience? Your competitors? activity? Your knowledge of the industry? This is where impartial professional advice can help. Whether your business is ticking over nicely or you’re in desperate need of a step-change to save an ailing business, SCORE Westchester can provide you with the advice you need ? for free.

Listed below are a few areas of your business that could use professional business advice.

??????Professional advice from business counsellors at SCORE Westchester can help you as the entrepreneur deal with the formalities of establishing what legal form your business should take, drawing up your accounts, and dealing with the relevant authorities about taxes, insurance issues, and industry-related issues.

??????? Small businesses usually fail because of poor management. Professional business advisors can provide you with the right advice and guidance in a practical and timely manner to improve the SME?s management quality.

??????? A professional advisor is also able to advise you on how to retain receipts for all your business expenses to help figure out what your liabilities are, and can help you establish the most appropriate bookkeeping system for your business.

??????? If you are new to entrepreneurship, you should know that starting your own business and becoming self-employed means that you have to deal with issues like tax, industrial relations, provident funds, etc ? responsibilities that are taken care of when you work for someone else. Therefore, if and when problems arise, they will land on your desk for you to sort out. Seeking advice from professionals at an early stage in your plans, and ensuring your business operates with their continuous support will help you sort out issues and keep running your business smoothly.

??????? The relevant government official departments can answer your general enquiries. They publish leaflets that explain what your obligations are. But they cannot give you comprehensive information on available business opportunities. Neither can they refine your business idea or provide you with training, counselling and marketing support. Professional business advisors can help you in these areas. They can also advise you on building fruitful networks and appropriate management of resources.

Business advice from professionals can make the difference between your business surviving and thriving. And when you have the option of a top-notch free service as is offered by SCORE Westchester, you have all the more reason to seek it, even when you are pinched for funds. But if you indeed are, you could try out online mobile casino games that allow you to earn big without the hassle of initial deposits ? so that you can earn and invest in your business, as you save on the advice.

Why You Need Business Advice