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Why You Need Business Advice

April 27, 2016

It?s true that your business is your baby. That small idea you dreamt about and knew would one day be something more. You know your business inside-out. So, how could anyone possibly tell?you?how to run?your?business better???But think again. All too often businesses tick along like clockwork ? the years pass and things are comfortable. Then suddenly, certain unexpected factors can shake things up. Technological advances creating new competition, new ways of doing things (How many SMEs were on Twitter 10 years ago?), changes in the spending habits of your target demographic, or a change in the management structure ? all of these and more can influence the growth of your business and the strategic decisions you make. But what do you base these decisions on? Your experience? Your competitors? activity? Your knowledge of the industry? This is where impartial professional advice can help. Whether your business is ticking over nicely or you’re in desperate need of a step-change to save an ailing business, SCORE Westchester can provide you with the advice you need ? for free.