Succeed with SCORE

SCORE Westchester volunteers are experienced entrepreneurs, corporate managers, and executives with a diverse set of industries and specialties who volunteer their experience and knowledge to help small business professionals start, develop, and grow businesses. We also offer low-cost or no-cost business training, and numerous templates and tools.

Even though our office is closed, if you have any questions you may call the SCORE office at (914) 267-6570 and leave a message. We are checking voicemail regularly and will return your call. 


Free, Confidential Business Counseling for start-up entrepreneurs and existing business owners is available by phone or video. Start today, and request a meeting with one of our expert mentors.            

What makes SCORE’s free mentoring successful? We listen closely; we tap our network of 40 skilled volunteers with a wide range of business experience; and we have one goal above all else — to help your business succeed, whatever it takes.  In fact, we'll help you define what success looks like and how you should measure it, and be sure you stay focused on the most important actions that will get you there.

How does SCORE’s free mentoring work? You will be assigned a mentor who has business experience and expertise that match your specific needs. In your first meeting you will identify your business priorities and your most critical objectives, and establish concrete goals. You will then meet regularly with your mentor for as long as you need. Your mentor may enlist other mentors who can bring additional expertise to the discussions. You will be given assignments between meetings to ensure that real progress is made over time.

How do SCORE’s services compare to what I get from my accountant, lawyer, and online resources? SCORE’s focus is on your business’s overall success. A lawyer or accountant can be invaluable in helping you solve specific problems. You can get answers to many questions online. But only SCORE gets fully involved in all aspects of your business, from planning through execution. Your SCORE mentors become your partners in setting and reaching your goals.

How do I find a mentor? Go to Request a Meeting, or call (914) 267-6570.

 Comments from some volunteers.

“I mentor because I enjoy working with clients and, hopefully, giving them advice that will prove helpful to their business needs. I treat my clients as if they were members of my family, with dignity and respect. I recently made a suggestion regarding how to get concessions from a landlord on a commercial lease, and the client was able to negotiate that benefit into their lease.” — F.K.

“What makes a successful business owner? Unbridled passion for the business; ability to multitask; powerful work ethic; dedication and commitment to the task at hand; willingness to design and follow through on business and marketing plans; willingness to ask for help and work with a mentor.” — C.A.

“Why do I mentor? I feel I have been fortunate in life. I have worked hard to succeed and feel it is now time to give back to my community to help others achieve success. I want my clients to learn not only from my experience and successes but also from my mistakes and failures. One can only achieve true success by always trying new ideas and accepting errors as a learning experience to broaden our horizons. An example of advice I've given that really made a difference: I have a client who has always struggled financially, because she had never analyzed how to price her product to achieve the financial results that she needs. She is now finally starting to make a profit, because her product is now priced properly to support her needs.” — R.F.

“Each client is unique. I respect the fact that each has chosen to pursue their path and fulfill their vision. For those with no, or minimal, business experience, the need is to school them in business fundamentals such as formulating a business plan, a budget, an understanding of the marketplace, etc. It is usually effective to play the role of a (gentle) devil’s advocate to encourage them to look at their business from all sides and consider the whys and what-ifs. It is important for the client to understand the challenges and risks and to learn how to prepare to meet them. — RP

What Our Clients Are Saying.

“I gained practical guidance on how to set up my business; I learned how not to overwhelm myself; if you need guidance and direction on how to manage your business, SCORE is the best way to go.” — H.U.

“My SCORE mentor has provided me with a listening ear, helping me to focus my energy in the right places. He has been extremely accessible and generous with his time and advice.” — E.H.

“My SCORE mentors are invaluable in that I have been able to review with them my overall business model, specific event plans, ideas for growth, and my website. I have been educated, enlightened and even challenged by their suggestions. They are genuinely concerned about my business — they ask for feedback about my events and challenge me to use those learnings to improve going forward.” — R.G.