Practicing Essential Business Skills March 6, 2019, 6:00pm EST
Roosevelt Square Professional Building 3rd Floor
11 West Prospect Ave
Mt. Vernon, NY, 10550


A series of interactive workshops that will be presented on four consecutive Wednesdays:

  • March 6 | Always Begin at the Beginning | Presented by: Nina Matikow, founder and CEO of Great American Audio Corp., one of the first audio publishers. Multi-award winning creator of new products and published author. She initiated, developed, marketed, and owns an extensive audio catalogue with over 700 titles.
    • For anyone starting a business, the single most important step to take is doing a thorough competitive analysis.  Without doing so, you are guessing and planning with no basis to so.  You will learn from it, modify your original idea, and be able to begin a business plan, sales and marketing plan, and pricing analysis BASED ON FACTS.  Smart business people update the Competitive Analysis on a regular basis.  This workshop will not only provide the format, but also teach you how to use it.


  • March 13 | Essential Marketing and Sales Strategy for Your Small Business | Presented by: Paul Katzenstein, MBA in Marketing and Finance with over 35 years of experience in sales management in computers and software
    • This workshop will cover the essentials of marketing and sales. There will be several case studies with group discussion so attendees develop skills they can apply to their own businesses.


  • March 20 | Financing for Small Business - Case Studies & Financial Planning | Presented by: John Chester, SCORE Mentor
    • This workshop will cover financing alternatives for small businesses and how planning financially is crucial to successful fundraising- all from real-life case studies!


  • March 27 | Process Systems and Systems Monitoring | Presented by: Robert Kotch, President of SIM Associates, a management advisory firm whose services include financial and strategic planning, technology planning, business process innovation, and program management. He works with companies that range from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.  Bob holds a BS and MS in Electrical Engineering  as well as an MS in Advance Management.
    • What gets measured gets done. This workshop will examine the cases previously studied by asking what sort of systems and processes need to be in place in my business to track its performance, get early warning of potential deviations from the plan, and timely correct any related issues. It will in part also focus on the role and use of a business plan for a healthy business.

Signing up for one of the workshop sessions in this series will automatically enroll you in all 4 sessions.

This workshop series will be held at the Roosevelt Square Professional Building, 11 West Prospect Avenue, 3rd Floor, Mt. Vernon, NY 10550 on consecutive Wednesday eveneings from 6-8PM.