Pricing for Profit March 23, 2021, 10:00am EDT March 23, 2021, 11:30am EDT
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After you have done a thorough Competitive Analysis, determined your unique selling proposition, created an effective sales and marketing program, and figured out the cost of your product or service, it's time to PRICE your product or service for success. This is done using Financial Planning.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Anyone with an idea for a business, anyone in the process of startup, and anyone in business

-How much change (large or small) your business can tolerate, and what adjustments you may have to make to remain in business, and thrive.
-When and at what PRICE will your business BREAK EVEN. That is, when it is self-sustaining and no longer drawing down your savings, or requiring a loan to keep going.
-How much time and money you really need to cover the startup.
-Your assumptions about your future. Exactly, and precisely, how well you expect things to go and allow you to TEST those assumptions before money is invested and time is spent.

PRESENTED BY: John Chester, SCORE Westchester Mentor and former Wall Street Analyst


 Pricing for Profit