About Us

We are Chapter 306, the Westchester, New York chapter of SCORE with some 40 men and women counselors each with many years of business experience. All our counselors are volunteers and there is never a fee for our consultations. Clients may return for further consultations as often as they feel that the meetings are useful. SCORE is a resource partner of the Small Business Administration of the United States Government. There are 389 Chapters totaling 10,500 members throughout the country.The Westchester chapter was chosen Chapter of the Year in 2001.

Westchester SCORE can also provide executive volunteers to speak to any size group on any business related subject, starting or growing a business, how to take a concept to successful fruition. Tell us your need and we will supply an executive volunteer who can address that need.

SCORE is always looking for new and qualified Counselors.

This is a free service. Call (914) 948-3907 any weekday between nine am and noon. Please indicate that your interest is in the SCORE speaker bureau.