Additionally, for established Westchester County companies, our volunteers provide individualized, focused strategies to increase brand visibility, generate sales and achieve meaningful business growth.

In 2014, our  volunteer business mentors and educators helped 355 entrepreneurs start their businesses and assisted in the creation of 123 new jobs.

What it’s like to Work with SCORE Westchester

If you’re interested in starting or expanding a business in Westchester County, SCORE is here to help. We pair each client with a mentor who will take the time to understand the business in detail, and typically the client and the mentor build a strong relationship. Additionally, each mentor has expertise in specific areas. As needed, you’ll also be able to meet with additional SCORE Westchester volunteers who have specific expertise relevant to your individual business situation

You can meet with your SCORE Westchester business mentor at the SCORE offices, in your place of business, over the phone, or via email.  Some of our mentors are only available for in-person meetings at one location. The information you share during these meetings is kept confidential, and all of our mentoring services are free.

It’s time to meet your mentor! Schedule your first session today.

The SCORE Westchester Team:

Volunteer’s Name Expertise I Expertise II
Auerbach, Charles Sales Professional services
Bernava, Joseph Financial Planning General Business
Bishop, Tom Sales/Marketing(Pricing) New Business Development
Bosses, Stevan Law Intellectual Property
Chester, John Finance Business Planning
Claar, Fred Business-to-Business Marketing Manufacturing
Coffey, Joan Counselor in Charge  
D’Agostino, Robert Financing Real Estate leasing
Dansky, Ira Intellectual Property Retailing
Delgorio, Michael Branding and Positioning Marketing
Domenicali, Dena Branding and Positioning Marketing
Eisen, Glenn Professional Services Business Operations
Feldman, Edward Government Contracts Marketing
Feldman, Richard Apparel Manufacturing Marketing/Sales
Frommer, Sidney Business Process Management  
George, Drew Sales Finance
Glick, Mitchell Law Taxes
Goldsmith, John Marketing Management/finance
Keating, Mike Small Business Operations Contracting
Kelsey, Alan Tax Lawyer Management/finance
Kotch, Robert Technology Finance/Business planning
Kromberg, William Accounting  
Leibowitz, David Startup Concepts Customer Analysis
Lepre, Robert Consumer products Advertising Focus groups
Levine, Martin Accounting/finance Startup
Lewin, Joseph Garment Industry Manufacturing
Mattikow, Nina Joan Product development/manufacturing Consumer marketing
Mendelson, Murray Retail Merchandising
Netter, Drew Entrepreneurship Franchise
Reilly, Paul Marketing Social Media
Robinson, Paul Digital and Social Media Marketing Business Development/Channel Marketing
Rolnick, Martin Marketing Sales
Roukos, Natasha Information Technology Partnerships/ sales distribution
Schifman, Alan Manufacturing and Import from Asia Marketing/Sales
Shell, Glenn Financing Strategic Planning
Sherwin, Carol Human Resources eCommerce – eBay
Stanger, Herbert Information Technology  
Thorp, Phil Startup/Business Planning Marketing
Wyker, Robert Marketing/Public Relations Management


Interested in Joining the SCORE Westchester Team?

We’re always looking for experienced business leaders who’d like to share their expertise. There are a number of different ways to contribute to SCORE Westchester’s mission. These include coaching or mentoring, teaching educational workshops and more. Contact us at
914-948-3907 to explore the possibilities.