Dream Big with Small Business

SCORE Westchester understands that the journey does not end once you have launched your business. There is room to grow and flourish for even the most successful businesses.

SCORE pairs experienced mentors with Westchester business owners looking to grow a small business based on their specific goals and challenges. From local marketing to new endeavors, working with a SCORE small business mentor helps grow your small business.

Some of the areas for which Westchester business owners receive help from SCORE small business mentors are:

  • Defining your own, unique competitive advantage
  • Building or updating your website
  • Understanding how to use social media
  • Planning promotions, events and public relations
  • Updating your existing business plan
  • Launching an additional location
  • Adding new products and services
  • Adjusting to business and revenue growth
  • Improving customer service and satisfaction
  • Managing the hiring process and other personnel issues
  • Recruiting, selecting and training your employees

A SCORE Westchester small business advisor serves as a sounding board, confidant, and most importantly trusted mentor to Westchester business owners. He or she is available to brainstorm, discuss issues or simply to listen.

How It Works

To begin working with a SCORE small business advisor, you can simply call our office or fill out our online form to request an appointment. Your request will be reviewed by our Counselor in Charge, who will match you with the best advisor for you based on your specific business and needs. SCORE offers several types of advising to small business owners, however, business owners often reap the most benefits from face-to-face mentoring. Meeting one-on-one with your small business advisors, either at our main office, one of our other locations, or at your facility allows you to fully explore your strengths, concerns, and needs.

To give you a more well-rounded advising experience, you will be meeting with two Certified SCORE Mentors. Working with two small business advisors exposes you to various points of view and opportunities you may not see when working with one advisor alone. You may continue to meet with both of these advisors or to develop an ongoing relationship with the mentor you feel is the best fit.

Why It Works

SCORE small business mentoring works because it is focused on growing your business based on your individual needs. Our advisors volunteer their time and expertise because they genuinely want to see you succeed.

Below are just some of the benefits you can expect from working with a SCORE small business mentor to grow your small business:

  • Receiving honest and unbiased feedback on your specific concerns    
  • Developing a personal relationship with an advisor who will help you grow at every stage of your business    
  • Gaining valuable advice from an individual who has experienced success in your field    
  • Receiving feedback on specific marketing, financial or legal concerns    
  • Uncovering new business opportunities you may otherwise have missed

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