How SCORE helped. 

The back of the menu tells the story.

“When Rosie and I met, we daydreamed about opening a taco shop. It was the blending of our families that brought this combination of Mexican and Middle East together. It started by cooking for our blended family of vegans and meat eaters. By making our own falafels with fresh bread, and homemade tahini, latkes with fresh guacamole, Mexican matzoh ball soup. The fusion of Mexican and Israeli was born.”

Just opened on April 10 in Pleasantville by Jonathan and Rosie Hernandez, Falafel Taco has a fresh design with a colorful and airy feel. Entering, you see that this is not a typical fast food joint. The food is prepared from scratch and made to order.  Customers have complimented the freshness, taste, and presentation of the food, and the look of the premises.

Rosie and Jonathan started developing their plans for the restaurant six months ago. They both had over a decade of food service experience. He works at Kennedy Airport food services and she did the same at La Guardia. The restaurant has many competitors on a busy railroad station block, but it boasts a unique experience and style. Falafel Taco is primarily a take-out business, but there are about ten indoor seats, and there will be outdoor tables in warm weather. The kitchen can also accommodate catering.

To develop their business plan, Rosie worked closely with Bill Kromberg and Steve Groth, mentors with SCORE Westchester in White Plains, a nonprofit that offers free advice to small businesses. Meeting weekly, the two consulted on:

*          Licensing, permitting, and tax compliance

*          Pro forma working capital and income statement 

*          Capital formation, real estate leasing, and equipment purchases

*          Marketing strategy – telling the story

*          Menu selection, design, and margin pricing

*          Time management and staffing requirements

According to Rosie, "SCORE Westchester played a valuable role in guiding us through the financial and business planning aspects of our restaurant project and dream. We are off to a great start with many repeat customers and a welcoming community."

FALAFEL TACO, a mex-raeli cuisine restaurant

30 Wheeler Avenue, Pleasantville, NY 10570

Open 8 a.m.-8 p.m. - Closed Wednesdays. | Phone (914) 579-2526

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